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Sweepstakes Direct from Las Vegas are the nations HOTEST and FRESHEST Sweepstakes Leads and Mailing List. The Las Vegas Sweepstake Leads are the most sought after elite sweepstake leads available in the world. These Sweepstake Leads are handwritten sweepstakes that have been scanned into a database for easier prospecting.

These sweepstakes leads produced by Sprint Data Solutions partners are an elite brand of Sweepstake Leads that are the ultimate resource for direct mail campaigns, telemarketing and email sweepstake lead campaigns that come in on a daily basis to our headquarters. Sprint Data Solutions provides the GODZILLA of Sweepstake leads in every category you may require for marketing.

With the pinnacle of direct mail sweepstake-gambler leads and online generated sweepstake gamblers databases available at Sprint Data Solutions, pin point targeting is available on this sweepstake lead database to ensure success on each and every marketing campaign. Our Sweepstakes Lead database has an elite customer profile that is only available through Sprint Data Solutions located in Las Vegas the gambling mecca of the world. Our database has daily HOT LINE leads with the volume you need for your direct mail campaign and telemarketing campaign. If you are in the market for sweepstake leads try out Sprint Data Solutions elite Sweepstake-Gambler Lead database! 

All these Sweepstake entries are highly active, online and direct mail consumers that are incredible fresh prospects for a wide variety of gambling, travel and incentive based offerings that you may be marketing. Look no further, as Sprint Data Solutions produces the GODZILLA of Sweepstake Leads with KING KONG results on each campaign.

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