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All these people enjoy writing on the Blogs or have their own blog.

 Segments THRU 09/01/2014 (updated on 08/27/2014)
 427,721  Total Universe / Universe Rate $85.00/M 
 18,882  Hot Line $10.00/M 
 104,782  Responded Twice $10.00/M 

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All these people enjoy writing on the Blogs or have their own blog. This group like comment on every topic. They enjoy writing and are very diversed group. This is a hot file and with a great price and volume pricing which is available at unheard of pricing from Sprint Data Solutions. Every record comes complete with full postal and email, telephone, opt in site, date/timestamp and more. Everyone has responded and opted in for local offerings of any type. This file is great for any type of business looking to break into e marketing or direct mail and offers multi channel contact at ridiculously low pricing allowing brokers to pick up some extra commissions. This file scores big with fast food chains, local service industries, car dealers, insurance, special events and any type of service related offering. These are the people that pack your local place of business, event, store or service with instant response and multi channel contact. Sprint Data Solutions brings you live data from Las Vegas Trade shows. Majority of these people have reported or responded in person or later contact. Try live response driven data and see the difference in your results both direct mail and email combined. Get your local place of business packed and on the fast track to success today! Get in touch with SPRINT DATA SOLUTIONS and experience the difference immediately.

  • 5,000 Name Minimum Order $500.00 Minimum Price
  • Net Name is not allowed
  • Exchange is not available
  • Broker Commission 20% on base
  • Agency Commission 15% on base
  • Reuse is not available
  • Cancellation fee at $200.00/F

Card Quality: A 100.0
Market: Consumer
Type: Email, Postal, Phone
Source: Compiled lists, Lifestyle questionnaire, Attendees, Opt-in e-mail, Internet/On-Line

Geo: USA
Gender: 50% Female 50% Male
Income: $55,000.00
Manager: Sprint Data Solutions, LLC since 06/09/2013

income: $10.00/M
Age: $10.00/M

Key Coding: $5.00/M
OutPut: $50.00/F
EMAIL: $50.00/F
FTP: $50.00/F
Tracking Code/ID:    
NextMark ID: 384064
mIn ID: 384064

Market Entry: 06/09/2013
New to Manager: 06/09/2013
New to System: 06/09/2013
Announcement: 06/10/2013
Next Update: 02/28/2015
Frequency: MONTHLY

Mgr. Comm: 10% on Base

Svc. Bureau:
S/B Fees: $5.00/M on Running Charges
S/B Markups: $5.00/M on Running Charges
Datacard Grade: A 100.0