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Our NEW 2016 National Automotive File is The Premier Source For Automotive Data


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With more than 200+ million records available throughout all 50 states, Sprint Data Solutions provides up to 98% accurate eclusive automotive
data responders that may be used for direct marketing through mailing, telemarketing and/or email automotive marketing campaigns.
Name Address Body Type
Email Phones Drive Type
Year Make Age
Model Title Date Gender
Trim Odometer Miles Income
Engine Size Fuel Type Own/Rent
Designator Credit Leased VS Owned
VIN number Vehicle Type Address type
Black Book Value Blue Book Value Edmunds Value
Our targeted Auto File: All automotive specific data is compiled from 100% Shelby Act and DDPA complying sources, including-but not
limited to: Service Centers, Warranty Companies, Automobile Lien Information which is extracted from credit bureau records, Insurance
Information and Automotive Dealerships as well as Repair, Lube and SMOG Centers. Additionally, this data is collected from national
survey response information which is derived from internet, telephone and person-to-person survey campaigns.
Auto Trigger Data: We also offer Internet Leads for people who have recently applied for an Automobile Loan online. If your Target
Audience is RV Owners, Motorcycle Owners or Boat Owners please call for quick counts.
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