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Mailing Lists Worldwide with Multi Channel Contact

Mailing List Marketing - Direct Mail Lists- Digital Marketing Lists

While they may seem like an antiquated option for marketing, the fact remains that with the help of a targeted mailing list, e mail list or cell phone database you can easily reach your target audience of active buyers. This will achieve and get a larger return on investment from your marketing efforts than other options can offer. Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, direct mail is still the number one way to aquire new customers. Consumers have repeatedly reported that they prefer to recieve marketing messages at home in the their mail box. From a good business list,Consumer list,to new ringless voice mail messaging cell phone list Sprint Data Solutions can put on top of every campaign..

Selecting Clients, Direct Mail Marketing in Las Vegas, NV

Marketing Lists And Telemarketing Lists
Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada for years, Sprint Data Solutions utilizes a database filled with more than 230,000,000 potential customers throughout the nation that have responded or volunteered to be in our database from other offerings. No matter where you're located or where you need to target your marketing efforts, we can help you do just that. You can select specific criteria to build your own personalized mailing list including things like:

  •   Age
  •   Income
  •   Location
  •   Ethnicity
  •   Buying Habits
  •   Customer Value
  •   And much much more

In fact, there are over 364 different options that you can use to build the perfect list from. All of Sprint Data Solutions' lists are compiled from more than 25 billion records across the globe using private and public sources that have responded. This ensures that you get the most comprehensive, in depth, and varied pool of customers possible.

By customizing each mailing list or E mail list, we're able to create a unique business list for each of our clients. You won't' receive an identical list to someone else, and your list will be tailored just for you.

This section of our website contains our core marketing lists that many list companies offer. The difference is our databases are responders to previous offerings making our databases response driven data that will drive your campaign results to new heights.  Be sure to check our TOP 100 list section for speciality lists that are only available at Sprint Data Solutions.

Email Marketing
You'll also have options when you're building up your E mail list. Sprint Data Solutions offers two types of email marketing services – consumer campaign and business campaigns. This lets you create an E mail list based on the type of market you need to reach. And each one can be targeted according to various criteria. All our email lists are verified to eliminate over 90% of bouces.

Consumer email campaigns let you build your list based on things like home value, income, age, location, and more. Business E mail campaign are similar, but let you search based on things like sales volume, length of time in business, number of employees, location, business type, SIC code, and more.

In short, you can utilize Sprint Data Solutions to create the perfect business list for your company's marketing efforts no matter what you need from them. Consumer lists to generate new customers.

Email Marketing
Sprint Data Solutions offers two types of email marketing services: business email campaigns and consumer campaigns. Business email campaigns search by SIC code, business type, number of employees, sales volume, length of time in business, and several other designations which help to narrow your search.

Consumer email campaigns allow you to search by age, income, home value, geography, and hundreds of other qualifiers which allow you to tap into your exact target market and generate the best sales potential.

Contact Sprint Data Solutions in Las Vegas, Nevada, to request additional information about direct mail and email marketing.